July 2020 –  Summer Post Covid Reboot / Re-charged / Re-powered up / Re-juvenated, Revitalised, Re-set and Re-energised Recovery ! Now Ready for Quarter 3 !!

For recent months, like a lot of people I have felt like a mole and been living in a hole with limited contact with people – My life has been  Shopping, home, eat, exercise, work, Tesco, home with some Zoom-in yoga sessions “Live” from Ibiza thrown in to keep the health and well-being going.

With my newly feng-shui’d office all tech’d up,  zooming in to any meeting or family members at any time !

Then a friend said “Yoga Retreat, Cave Yoga, Meditations, Sound Healing therapies, 32′ and the cooling med !  Ibiza is Open – My May annual out of season trip was cancelled and with the offer to to go on the 3rd July, The 2nd flight out of Manchester since flights started back up again only cost £20 extra so why not !!

So that’s exactly what I did, A TLR “Strategic Getaway Yoga Retreat Re-boot” in July 2020 to my happy place of Es Vedra  !  The year we were NOT Allowed to Dance in Ibiza 🙂  But we were allowed to YOGAAAA !!  I will be back to Dance in 2021 !











July 2020

Good Morning  🙂

As you know I helped out during the crisis along with a dedicated team of around 20 responders all within half a mile of where I live. Ready, revved up for when that siren sounded ! With prescription pick ups and shopping trips and some memorable little friendly smiley chats at the door, I’ve loved the role and grateful for

the opportunity to be a part of the responder team.

Such a rewarding voluntary job, why not sign up for your local responder team !









May 15th 2020 – During these challenging times we have been talking with

candidates who have unfortunately now found themselves on the market for new roles with employers within the skills and employability sectors nationally !

Look Who Have On the Market Now – for more information about them please head over to https://www.tinalaceyrecruitment.com/look-who-we-have

February 4th and 5th 2020 London

2 days at the #Olympia London for the Annual Recruitment Expo #RecExpo2020 accompanied by my recruitment colleague of 15 years Sharon Seville Executive Recruiter

Some fab seminars, speakers and lots of new tech, demo’s, insights into the future of Recruitment

Lots of great learning opportunities for the wonderful world of skills and employability to share with sector clients and candidates.

We watched the awesome Wendy McDougall – Head Fish at Firefish bounce into action on her “Dare to Be Different” seminar with 3 big questions that came out of Wendy’s thought provoking and inspirational presentation.

Wendy is an expert Judge at many recruitment awards – here’s what she asked a jam packed full house !

*** Are you pushing Any boundaries ?

*** Will you be remembered ?

*** Do you encourage the unconventional ?

Following a non-stop seminar packed 2 days we were invited for a gathering at the spectacular RAFClub in Piccadilly with the Alumni team to celebrate all things recruitment.

Roll on Next Year 🙂   Thank you Rec Expo 2020

















October 16th 2019

Brilliant AGM at the Institute of Employability Professionals – Progress report and Round up of the year with the new board electees, great proesentations from inspirational speakers Luke and Robert discussing inclusion and how much they enjoy working for Wiltshire Police. the amazing Winnie Wilkins from Seetec Pluss, W&H Programme Participant comparing the whole event.  What a great job Winnie did too !

We were Treated to music from Creative Arts Network with amazing Networking food and refreshments to follow, thank you Seetec Pluss, Scott Parkin, Pat Russell and Stuart Houldsworth


On September 10th 2019 – I attended the Inspirational Women in Apprenticeships Conference in Coventry – What a fantastic event, such amazing stories, inspirational women from all over our sector gathered together to listen, talk, laugh and enjoy a wonderful day created by the wonderful Lindsay McCurdy from Apps for England and chaired by the fantastic Main lady at Onefile Suzanna Lawson.

One of Suzannas final messages on her closing notes was, The Power of the mentor, the sooner you get one the better, someone you respect and you will be surprised how many there are out here who are generous with their time.

Today on 16th September 2019 Lindsay McCurdy sent through the following information – please enjoy the write-ups, the photos, the links and see you at the next one !

The inspirational Women in Apprenticeships Conference Pictures click here 
A Big thank you to Tom Hodgson of Interlearn for Supporting the Conference and for the fantastic pictures of the day.
Once again the feedback from the day has been amazing and people are still congratulating the speakers for their fantastic presentations. on the day
“What an absolutely incredible day I’ve just had the honour of experiencing as the chair of Lindsay McCurdy’s 3rd Inspirational Women in Apprenticeships conference.

It is difficult to put into words what happened at the Welcome Centre in Coventry – but people were coming up to me at the end saying things like ‘I am buzzing’; ‘it was so inspirational’; ‘the best conference I have ever been to’. It’s not often you hear these kinds of statements at an apprenticeship conference – but this is an event like no other. The energy in the room was powerful, positive and personal to everyone there. These events are affecting, and everyone takes something from them – both men and women

Click on link for the full morning writeup
The Morning write up by the Conference Chair Susanna Lawson.
Afternoon Write up click here

Next Inspirational Women in Apprenticeships Conference 6th Feb NAW 2020

Check out the latest update on: Workshops for the Future of Apprenticeships Conference and our fantastic lineup of Speakers click here

Employability Day 2018 

Friday 29th June 2018 – DWP Team at Openshaw JobcentrePlus

#EMPDAY18 What a great day to connect DWP customers with #digitalgarage trainer Adam Raja from @Google Garage Training Team – with CV support, training and advice – Thank you to Phil and Alex for making it happen and facilitate local work in our community – Roll on next year when we can support more customers #employability #celebratingsuccess

Happy Employability Day
14th July 2017

The opportunity to help someone with interview advice could be just on your doorstep! #empday17

Its Employability Day 2017 and I felt the need to share with you a story of how only an hour out of my week has helped a local young person land an apprenticeship job.  I was asked by one of my lovely neighbours if I could help their granddaughter with some advice and friendly guidance for an up and coming group interview assessment day for a legal apprenticeship opportunity.

My neighbours are good friends of the family and knew I used to work for Jobcentreplus before going in to recruitment many years ago so they asked me if I would help as they knew she was feeling a bit apprehensive about the assessment centre coming up on Tuesday morning.

What a great feeling to be asked! If I could contribute in some small way with helping her with her confidence, preparation, what to expect, how to contribute to the group task, positive body language and make her feel better prepared for the interview I knew I will have done a good job.

So Monday night I was met at the door by my neighbours grand-daughter and was greeted with a big smile, a handshake and a cup of tea! Result, I love my top brews!!

We talked about what worries she had, she had concerns that she would be talked over and there would be louder, more outspoken people at the assessment centre, she knew it was going to be a few hours that would include an interview and a group assessment so was feeling a bit overwhelmed by the thoughts of speaking in a group situation.  I could see her starting to relax when I talked about all the brilliant work she had done so far, with her college work, her voluntary teaching children karate work, her hospitality customer service career with MacDonald’s.  I told her this opportunity would be providing her with a brand-new career opportunity and team she will look forward to working with every day.

I was able to put myself in her shoes as I explained it took me 4 interviews to get the job I really wanted in the 90’s, I learnt from each one, I totally applied myself, focused and I was able to picture myself in the job, doing the job as I was going in to the interview.

I asked if she had everything already prepared and she did before she came out to meet me.   She knew what time she was leaving at, what time she would be arriving, where she was going, who she was meeting and what to expect and done all her research on the company and had even practised some interview questions beforehand.

I got the call on the Tuesday afternoon to say, “I got the apprenticeship Job Tina, they’ve just called me to say I did really well and I start in September, thank you for your help”

It was only an hour and a brew, chat, a listening ear and a helping hand and told her to believe in herself, Smile and enjoy the interview experience.  The team there will be wanting you to do well and get the job.  And that’s exactly what she did!

So if you’re reading this and you know someone who is looking for a job or going for an interview and you could give up a little of your time to help out someone in your neighbourhood or a friend in need with some job interview advice or help, do it.  It’s a good feeling knowing you’ve made a difference and helped them on their way to a brilliant career.  Or why not contact your local school or Youth Project to offer your help.

My name is Tina Lacey, I am a specialist recruiter within the skills, training and welfare to work sectors nationally and provide recruitment support to training providers and job search and interview support to candidates.  I am a proud member of the Institute of Employability Professionals and ERSA.  To find out more about the kind of work I do please visit my website www.tinalaceyrecruitment.com and visit www.myiep.uk to see how the IEP could help you with your career.


23rd June 2017 – “The Day My Candidate Recruited me” … to sing with the Halle Choral Academy

In January this year I met my candidate Sarra Smith in Manchester to register and help support her with a potential new career move. After getting to know all about her aspirations, her brilliant career to date, voluntary work, her interests etc she talked excitedly about the Halle Choral Academy and they were starting a new project at the end of the week.

I knew the acoustics were unbelievable in there and so I took her up on the invitation to apply – it was too good an opportunity to miss. 20 rehearsals later I am proud to say that tonight I sang at the ‘Thank Halle It’s Friday’ Summer Concert Performance along with 450 singers in front of 1000 people at the Mighty Bridgewater Hall with the awesome Halle Orchestra. We sang the Queens Coronation anthem/UEFA Champions League Theme song – Zadok the Priest, Lacrymosa, O’Fortuna, Duel of the Fates, Scarborough Fair and ended the concert with “When the Saints Go Marching In’.

From harmonising at family parties to Karaoke takeovers on occasions, us academy graduates nailed it and loved every second of the experience. Conductor Matthew Hamilton, Choral Director and Tom Redmond, Presenter made it so much fun. After 2 One hour concerts I felt my heart was going to burst, I had goosebumps, butterflies in my belly, tears in my eyes and felt so uplifted and full of energy I could’ve took part in the Manchester Night Walk straight after 🙂 I recommend the experience to everyone !

For anyone thinking of joining the next academy take a look on the Halle website and check out the next intake. You will be looked after by Phil, Naomi and a friendly, professional team; whilst learning to read music, learn to sing, network and make new friends. The amazing Joseph Judge Director of the Halle Choral Academy/Conductor/Singer led the whole project and helped us all become more confident singers !

Sounds like music to your ears ? Which voice type are you ? Are you a Soprano or an Alto, a Tenor or bass? Find out and join in.

Link http://www.halle.co.uk/the-halle-family/halle-choral-academy/ [email protected] and to see “whats on” this summer at the Halle check out www.halle.co.uk/summer

It could be you next year singing your heart out to family and friends ! Go on, Surprise Yourself

Thank you Sarra Soprano Smith 🙂 … next stop.. American and European Tour !!

#THIF #ThankHalleItsFriday #Halle #Manchester #Singing

Check out our Client and Candidate Reviews and our Look Who We Have Page to see who we supporting in to new roles within our network and hear some of our success stories of 20116/2017

Birthday cake 1st Year

Tina Lacey Recruitment proud to be celebrating our first year in business on 21st August 2016 – A huge thank you to everyone who has made the first year so memorable

Its Our First Birthday ! Wow !  What a Year ! Its Flown by A Big Thank you to Elaine and All the staff at DWP Jobcentreplus in Altrincham for the opportunity to support local customers into work earlier in the year, all my new and old clients who I have enjoyed meeting up, supporting and getting to know you even more over the past year.  My candidates – to the ones I have helped into new careers and the ones I am “Looking Out For”

The inspirational Mark Foster and the Gorton AtOne Monastery Team, who was there when I planted the seed, James who inspired me to take the plunge, take the leap of faith and giving me a wake up call  – Thank you JW for introducing me to the Mighty Bob Burg Co Author of the amazing “Go-Giver” –  From Launch Parties with New Horizons team in Newcastle, Seeing Steve Wozniak at Business Rocks Manchester #BR2016 to the London ERSA Employability Awards meeting some of the winners –

Its been Full On ! Thank you to everyone who has been a part of Tina Lacey Recruitment’s first year in business – I hope to be serving and working with you all many years to come.

Contact [email protected]  0161 320 3793 for an informal confidential chat

September 2015 –    Proud Day !  It only took 7 hours for my first 100km bike ride round the beautiful countryside of Northwich and Mobberley, half way through the race I was offered the chance to hitch a lift in the rescue bus but I gratefully turned the offer down !  In my mind I had already crossed the finishing line to pick up the certificate having done 100kilometres with the help of a couple of bacon butties and some jelly babies and lots of support on route –  It was overwhelming and an experience I will never forget !  The party afterwards was fantastic – 7 weeks of training is all I had with a hybrid bike – only wished I’d picked a proper racing bike afterwards.   I had been given some very wise words before the race by the incredible Stevie Kidd – International Coach & International Events

“Well done on your bike ride … Enjoy it and be proud of yourself … Areas of skill I use is mental rehearsal .. Future thinking ..quantum jumping .. The power of your twin … Time lining … The list goes on used these traits for over 25 years Let me know how it goes but listen believe in your self and just get it done Blogging about your journey is a self motivator Well done Stevie”


100km Bike ride with Dane Bank helmets – where we raised over £13k for Myeloma – Christies September 2015

100km Bike ride with Dane Bank helmets