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Health and Wellbeing Adviser Edinburgh April 2021 Putting yourself through the recruitment process is always nerve-wracking but Tina is the perfect partner to guide you through. She really motivated me to deliver my best in the interviews with excellent preparation support. She gave me updates at every turn which put me at ease and explained the process. She is passionate about finding jobs for her clients and I would recommend her to anyone looking to explore a new role.

March 2021 – Certified Information Systems Security Professional SME Instructor (CISSP)

Tina Lacey Recruitment –  As a potential applicant – probably one of hundreds – to an advertised job, I didn’t anticipate much in the way of customer service from a recruitment agent.

Nothing could be further from the truth with Tina Lacey.

Right from the get-go, I was in the hands of a skilful negotiator, who invested considerable time and effort into providing a completely bespoke service. Tina made sure that I was ready and able to respond positively to every interview I was asked to attend.  If you need someone to identify your strengths, build confidence and pave the way to success, this recruitment agency is the way to go.

If we are what we repeatedly do, then excellence is a habit for Tina.

Tina’s ability to identify the best approach and vicariously share the journey, is what sets her apart in my books. It’s that unique blend of professionalism and empathy that makes her services award winning. By helping me to get the job I’ve always wanted, Tina successfully facilitated a better future for both myself and my family.

Employment Adviser Telford March 2021 Tina has been brilliant from the first phone call to the amazing news of a job offer. Tina has helped support and guide me throughout and bursts with positivity. I would highly recommend Tina to anyone who needs support at getting back out there in the world of work! Thank you 😊

Employment Adviser Edinburgh March 2021 Tina has been amazing from the first phone call to offering me the job! She was so easy to talk with and was always at the end of the phone if I needed her for anything. She ensured I prepared for each interview round and was a huge support! Thank you for everything Tina 😄

Head of Apprenticeship Quality and Service Excellence March 2021  I’m sure we need a fanfare or jingle to audibly celebrate when Tina Lacey MIEP places another outstanding candidate with us. APlayers

Employment Adviser Newry March 2021 Tina is absolutely wonderful to work with. She is so full of positivity and motivation, even from our very first conversation. No matter what worries or questions I had throughout the process, she was always at the end of the phone to help and support me, even during technical issues at midnight! Tina’s enthusiasm helped drive me to try my very best and her advice is invaluable! I would 100% recommend working with Tina and I am so thankful for her help and support.

Employment Adviser Newry March 2021 Tina was a great help. Extremely responsive from I first sent my CV. Very knowledgeable, always went the extra mile for interview prep. Able to contact at any time, highly recommended!

Quality Co-Ordinator Feb 2021 Tina has been superb support for me nailing my interview for My new role, she gave excellent support and tips, as well as gave me confidence and boosted me when I was getting slightly impatient, she was always at the end of the phone to make me feel better. She is dedicated and committed, we had team meetings that ran into her evenings and weekends, I can’t recommend her enough, thank you Tina for everything you done for me! I’m super grateful ⭐️

Traineeship Tutor – Employability Doncaster/Sheffield Feb 2021 From our first phone call, Tina has been incredible! Even after a little self doubt and wobble, Tina showed amazing positivity and always kept me informed.. through her preparation and advice, I have secured a new position and I’ll be forever thankful to Tina for this! Such a genuine and friendly person who really cares about finding you the right job for the right company! Thank you so much Tina 🙂

MIS Administrator Feb 2021 ‘Tina has been extremely helpful and supportive in helping me find and obtain employment. As soon as I had uploaded my CV I was contacted straight away and by the end of the day I was offered a job interview.  Tina provided interview advice and was supportive and positive.  I was fortunate enough to be offered the role and I am so grateful for the support I received during these turbulent times. Thank you. Sue E’

Compliance Auditor Feb 2021 Tina has been extremely communicative and supportive throughout the whole recruitment process. I originally contacted her about a different role but in speaking to her she said there was a different role that might be more suitable within the same company. That evening I was invited to an interview and subsequently got the job. I have spoken to Tina multiple times through the process both before the interview and then after getting the job. She has been very helpful with clarifications on the role as well as chasing things up for me. I would highly recommend Tina   Lisa

Employment and Skills Trainer Bradford December 2020 Within a few hours of applying for the role Tina made contact, arranged a screening call and set up a first interview directly with the employer – and this all on a Friday afternoon! Prior to initial interview Tina provided coaching on the format of the interview via zoom and supplied additional information to aid preparation. Feedback was swift and further support delivered prior to final Interview. Interview outcome was delivered by Tina the same day. Total time from Job application to Job offer – 13 days! At a time when applicants are being frequently ignored by recruiters or left dangling by employers, Tina is providing an exceptional level of customer service, which continued up to and beyond start date. Tina is a pleasure to deal with – positive, supportive and delivers what she promises. Thank you Tina!  Theresa

Recruitment and HR Lead at SR Education November 2020 Tina is an expert in recruiting within the skills & welfare industry! Her knowledge is excellent and therefore is my first port of call for support. Tina is friendly, accommodating and professional at all times. I would recommend Tina to any business or individual in need of support with recruitment. Grace

Employment Adviser November 2020 Honestly, this lady is absolutely wonderful and I cannot recommend her enough! She has genuinely been my go to throughout my whole process of getting back into work and she has always been at the end of the phone as and when I have needed her (which has been quite often, literally!). She is a compassionate person and I promise you.. she loves to help/see you succeed! Finding a job can be daunting (from experience), and I have had my fair share of experiences with recruiters, but honestly.. nothing compares. It has been a pretty rough year and thanks to Tina’s continued help and support, I am ending 2020 with not just any job, but a job that I wanted and the biggest smile! So Tina, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING AWESOME  Chelsea

Account Manager at Reed Solutions November 2020 I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tina, since officially appointing her to our PSL around 2 years ago. Her energy and passion shine through in her work and have produced multiple outcomes where quality is at the centre of her approach. I would have no hesitation in recommending Tina to any candidate looking for their next move   Jamie

Employment Adviser November 2020 What a great lady, absolutely fantastic at her job! Tina supported me right through the process with excellent coaching. She invested her time with me, (something I’ve never had from a recruiter before), spending time fully prepping me for each part of the interview, ultimately helping me secure the role. Thank you! Zoe

Work Coach November 2020 I thought you were amazing in motivating me and making me believe in myself.  The hand holding really helps, from someone who was very new to being unemployed, you really helped me with my confidence – Pauline

Data Analyst Consultant Technical Trainer November 2020  Tina is a fantastic recruiter. She is top notch when it comes to the job requirement is and able to match you with your skills, guide you and also do a role play to make sure you are comfortable on the actual job interview. Her experience in the recruitment sector can be helpful to anyone. She is very supportive and always there if you need anything. I would highly recommend Tina   Ajith A

Keyworker Newcastle October 2020  Excellent service from Tina both professionally as a liaison with my prospective employers and with myself throughout. She was a great moral boosting support during the interview stage and helped to ensure I was fully aware of the whole process. Always on hand and nothing was too much trouble – I can’t thank her enough. 😉  Ashleigh

IAG and Progressions Manager October 2020 Having been across to sort out my new contract and meet a few members of my new team, I arrived home to this lovely gesture from Tina Lacey MIEP.  When I found out I was to be made redundant, Tina and I spoke on a number of occasions and at times, her conversations cheered me up and inspired me to carry on when things weren’t always going my way. Her advice was essential and helped me realise I didnt have to devalue myself and my skills in order to find a new role in such uncertain economic times.  Shes put a huge smile on my face this morning and I hope she doesnt mind me putting this out there.  Thank you Tina, thank you very much.

Employment Adviser Telford October 2020 I would recommend Tina to anyone! Tina has been incredibly supportive during the application and interview stages of my new job and even worked out of hours on a Sunday evening to help me prep. She is friendly and so positive and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to help me. I am now so excited to start my brand new role. Thank you so much Tina 😊

Employment Adviser Telford October 2020 What an outstanding Recruiter! Tina helped me to find my most recent role. I was most impressed by her communication through the recruitment process, she always kept me in the loop and responded to my queries urgently. Tina is professional and personable, and I felt she really listened to me and understood my situation. Any candidate would be lucky to have her as a Recruiter!

Employment Adviser Hereford September 2020 Tina has been an amazing advocate to have on my side while going through the application and interview process for the role I was offered. Her attention to detail regarding support and the information she provides about the role was a key factor in helping me prepare for the interviews. Always sending affirming texts before the interview and on hand to support. A great journey. Thank you.

Employability Tutor NorthWest September 2020 Tina has worked extremely hard to help me get back into work. She has helped me prepare for my interviews and has given me extra help and support throughout the process. I would recommend Tina to anyone looking to find work. Thank You Tina

Learner Engagement Officer September 2020 Tina has been amazing throughout the whole process. Always responds super quickly to any queries and is so supportive. Highly recommend her. Thank you so much again Tina.

Childcare Assessor August 2020  Tina has supported me so much over the last 2 weeks, as soon as I applied for the vacancy, she contacted me straight away and had a call with her the next day! She guided me through the interview process, giving hints and tips, which then led to me getting the job! She stayed in regular contact and worked with my new employer to check everything was going OK and to find out more information that I needed. Tina has a calmness to her, she made me feel relaxed and made me believe in myself, I felt that I had known her years rather than just 2 weeks. Tina is amazing at what she does and I can’t thank her enough. I would absolutely recommend anyone contacting her for any recruitment needs  Karen D

Independent EPASoftware Development Learner Mentor August 2020 Tina is a friendly and extremely helpful person. She found me a new role with an amazing company. She helped me throughout the entire process and kept me updated and in the loop without me having to chase her. Tina is professional and ensured that I was well equipped and prepped for the role. She is an amazing person and even after I was successfully placed, she sent me such a lovely personal touch! Thank you, Tina for all your help and I wish you success in your life.

Health and Social Care Assessor July 2020  Tina is very professional and was so helpful all the way and extremely committed to helping make sure the process was done efficiently. I would recommend Tina Lacey recruitment to anybody, whom requires an excellent service. I’m very happy with how Tina helped me to attain my new job role, she was amazing. Suzanne A

Employment Adviser July 2020   ‘Tina is fab. Having had experience of Recruitment from both sides of the table, more recently as a candidate I can highly recommend Tina’s service. Right from the start she was positive, encouraging and supportive; she really did have my back the whole way through the process.
The recent lock down delayed my start date by 3 months but Tina was consistently at the end of the phone. She kept me updated and reassured and was as excited as me when we finally got the start date. She’s great, really – as a candidate I can’t thank her enough’

Employment Adviser April 2020 Tina is fab. Approachable, insightful and quick off the mark, she offers unbeatable levels of support and advice to everyone she works with. Whether you’re a potential client looking for a partner to support your talent acquisition needs or a potential candidate looking for your your next opportunity; get in touch with Tina Lacey, you’ll not be disappointed! Clare A-H  

Employability Adviser March 2020 Looking for a job that fits your work ethos and personality? Look no further than Tina Lacey Recruitment. I have never come across such a professional, motivational, inspiring and real consultant in my life. Tina is a true business women who hadn’t forgotten where she has come from and what it means to get the best out of people. Tina is a consultant who’s opinion your value and respect because she knows her market and she knows her clients. The added bonus is that Tina will contact you just to see how things are before your interview and run through a few things if you have any nerves or doubts. I think Tina is one of the best recruiters you will come across and restores your faith in the limited scope of previous recruiters in your past. I wish Tina the very best of success as she is worthy of it all. Zara B

Employment Adviser March 2020 Tina is fab. Approachable, insightful and quick off the mark, she offers unbeatable levels of support and advice to everyone she works with. Whether you’re a potential client looking for a partner to support your talent acquisition needs or a potential candidate looking for your your next opportunity; get in touch with Tina Lacey, you’ll not be disappointed!

IT Lecturer  Jan 2020 Tina is whole-heartedly the best recruiter I’ve come across. Takes a real interest in the candidate and is brilliant at supporting you on your journey throughout. Tina will take the time to make sure you are ready and provides you with more than you will ever need for each role. Never leaves you hanging and wondering what the score is with your current stage – which seems to be a common thing across recruitment. Tina is fantastic at keeping the candidate up to date and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again, absolutely fantastic connection 😀 Thank you Tina.

Employment Adviser Jan 2020 I would highly recommend working with Tina Lacey, she goes above and beyond to support you ensure you are well prepared from the initial application through to interview. She is warm, approachable, always replies promptly and gives you all the relevant information, and coaching you need. Thank you!

Team Leading and Management Coach Jan 2020 Tina has been amazing throughout my recruitment journey! She contacted me swiftly after application and was extremely friendly, chatty and put me at ease straight away. She kept in touch daily, updating me with information about the company, and checking I was ready for interview. Once I had secured the role the contact and support didn’t stop, she kept in touch every few days just to touch base. A more personalised service than most recruitment companies but ever the professional too. Would definitely recommend!

Learner Services Co-Ordinator December 2019 Tina Lacey recruitment provided a seamless candidate experience. Showing insight, professionalism and warmth from the outset. I would like to thank Tina for her support and would highly recommend the company to any client or candidate looking for recruitment services.  Joanne

Health and Social Care Tutor November 2019 Tina has been been exceptional through my recent recruitment process, from the day I got a call the the interview, to lead up to starting the job. Tina’s understanding of the role and the requirements are second to none and the support at any time of day/ night is incredible. I would highly recommend her. Thanks for an amazing new opportunity!  Jo

Head of Employer Engagement October 2019  My experience of working with Tina was exceptional. From initial contact until job commencement, she consistently provided an approachable and extremely professional service. Highly recommended  Scott

Freight Forwarding Tutor Coach October 2019  I highly recommend Tina Lacey and her professional recruitment services. She is an honest and forthright professional in her own right and does an excellent job matching company needs to a professional’s desires. Tina possesses a unique talent in as far as talent resourcing is concerned. If you are planning for a career progression, I recommend you to Tina Lacey Recruitment without any hesitation   Pilot

Broadcasting and Media Learner Mentor October 2019    Tina has been been exceptional through my recent recruitment process, from the day I got a call to the interview, to lead up to starting the job. Tina’s understanding of the role and the requirements are second to none and the support at any time of day/ night is incredible. I would highly recommend her. Thanks for an amazing new opportunity!   Matt

Business Manager October 2019   I cannot recommend Tina highly enough. She helped me at every step of my interview process with support and advice. I’m pleased to say I got the position of business manager with Tina’s support! Thanks again Tina.   James

Youth Tutor September 2019 I’d highly recommend Tina to connect with in seeking professional advice and support. She’s been remarkable in providing the very best guidance throughout the whole recruitment process from start to finish. It’s thanks to Tina, that I’ve been offered a permanent position within my sector, with a 1 week quick turn around after the interview. 👍🏽 ☺️ Thank you, Gemma

IT Technical Apprenticeships Learner Mentor June 2019 This is the second role that Tina has helped me with. Can’t thank her enough. From start to finish she has always been at the end of the phone and email. Even answered phone and emails on holiday. Top lady would highly recommend her.

Client Testimonial May 2019 (North Lancs Training Group) Tina has been working with us at NLTG on our staff recruitment since 2008, helping us to recruit many high-quality team members.  Tina has taken the time to get to know all areas of our business, including our culture, which enables her to successfully match candidates, not just in terms of their ability, but also by whether the candidate and NLTG are a “good fit”.

Tina visits us at NLTG regularly to ensure she is up to date with our requirements and company developments and has spent time with all our management team over the years, creating good working relationships with them all. By meeting all candidates in advance of suggesting them to NLTG, she ensures that she can supply us with a detailed summary of anyone she puts forward for interview in addition to just a CV.

The personal touch is Tina’s strength. Whilst working with her, you always feel that you are her number one priority, hence why we have worked with her for so long.

Our management team now think of Tina as part of our team when it comes to recruitment. I would have no hesitation in recommending Tina Lacey Recruitment for staff recruitment solutions.  Gareth Lindsay  Managing Director  North Lancs Training Group

Curriculum Design Manager –  May 2019 Thanks to Tina I was able to begin a new career at Lifetime Training. Her placing me in this role has allowed me to move from strength to strength, developing my skills and boosting my abilities. Three years on, still at this fantastic company but always moving upwards, I have Tina to thank for her insight right at the beginning. Tom

Internal Quality Assurer – April 2019  I would like to thank Tina for not only finding me my new job but how she handled the whole experience from the initial contact to the day of the interview I would definitely recommend Tina to anybody wanting to move on with their career  

Learning and Development Coach February 2019 – National Training Provider It has been a real pleasure to have Tina supporting me with my job search. Tina has been an excellent communicator and kept me updated every step of the way, along with positive and encouraging feedback. Tina’s advice and guidance for the role I applied for was very candid and straight forward and her having a good relationship with the employer meant this was accurate and specific, which meant I felt confident throughout the whole process. Many Thanks Tina for helping find my next opportunity!!

Subject Matter Expert – Data Analysis/Big Data January 2019 IT Apprenticeships Training Provider I would recommend Tina to anyone looking to move roles or for a new challenge. I’ve had many poor experiences with recruiters that treat you like a number and often never get back to you with any type of feedback. Tina offered exactly what I needed which was a personalised face to face process where Tina filled me with the confidence and knowledge I needed to succeed at interview. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Tina to anyone looking for a high quality recruitment agent.   Sean

Apprenticeship Delivery Co-Ordinator – December 2018 IT Apprenticeships Training Provider Tina tirelessly supported me throughout my venture for the perfect role! What stood out for me was how Tina made an effort to get to know and understand me. Tina is professional, dedicated and gets the job done! I am more than happy to recommend Tina.

Programme Lead in AAT and Finance – December 2018  National Training Provider Tina was fantastic in the recruitment process for me to join Intraining. From the very beginning, she was extremely professional in every aspect. Tina contacted me within two hours of me first requesting information about the role and arranged an interview with the company just two days later. She obviously understands the needs of her clients very well and worked with me to ensure that I was the right person for the job. Tina even took the time to meet me on the day of my interview to give me support and guidance. She has been in regular contact with me to ensure everything is going well and to offer further support when needed. I am confident that I have secured a great job with a fantastic company and it is all due to Tina’s expertise. Very highly recommended.  Ian

Management and Sales Trainer – November 2018 – National Training Provider  Tina had been an absolute joy to work with. I applied for the job on the Monday, had a phone interview Tuesday, face to face interview on Thursday and a offer letter on Friday! She was really supportive all the way through the process and was always available at the end of the phone with great advice. Highly recommended.

Head of Quality and Service Excellence – September 2018 – IT Training Provider   This is my second recommendation for Tina but my first for Tina Lacey Recruitment. I have worked with Tina now across various recruitment projects over the last 6 years. Tina always focuses on the detail and ensures that the candidates presented to an employer not only meet the role criteria and respective expectations but regularly exceeds them. The personal touch is what stands out, Tina goes the extra mile to not only ensure that the candidates are well prepared and able to present themselves confidently and professionally but she also coaches and motivates them too. How do I know this? Because recently I enlisted the support of Tina to help me find my next career move knowing what she is capable of, knowing her excellent track record and knowing her demonstrable pursuit of the perfect person for the perfect role. Thanks to Tina I am about to embark on an exciting next chapter in my career, and I know I couldn’t have done it without her.   Shaun

ESOL Tutor – National Training Provider – August 2018  ‘I came across Tina online when looking for my next post.  I can not recommend her services too highly!  The moment I spoke to Tina I was impressed by her personal interest and positivity in the initial call.  At every stage I felt that Tina was genuinely committed to getting me the job I wanted and it felt like a team effort.  I have never had such a positive experience from a recruitment consultant.  Tina is in a league of her own and I felt I had made a friend in the recruitment process. No detail was too much trouble.   She kept me informed and was always ready to deal efficiently and quickly with any question that I had throughout the process.   As far as I am concerned meeting Tina was a God-send. I have already recommended her to my friends and will continue to do so.’

Project Management Programme Lead – National Training Provider – August 2018  Someone recommended Tina to me when I wasn’t sure what my next career move would be and I am happy I listened. Tina is not your average email recruiter, she listens and listens before she speaks, takes her time with you, meets you and follows up every step of the recruitment process. She matched me with an amazing employer with a job role and environment that I thought was maybe too demanding from my end. Match made, in the job now and ready to recommend her personalised professional service to anyone who is looking for a change.

Freight Forwarding Trainer Assessor – August 2018  –  National Training Provider From a personal point of view Tina has been and continues to be extremely professional in her work and her organisation. Tina creates excellent working relationships and has a wealth of industry knowledge which helped my case. Not only was Tina very understanding of my situation, very professional and flexible she has a very happy and positive persona. I have no hesitation in recommending Tina Lacey Recruitment to those organisations searching for a suitable individual to enhance their business. I am extremely happy with the outcome of my experience with Tina Lacey Recruitment and wish the business continued success.

Management and Team Leading Assessor – South Wales – August 2018 –  National Training Provider Without a doubt Tina is the most professional recruiter I have ever worked with. The guidance and advice offered was excellent. She is not a normal recruiter, she listens and is available for support via email and phone. Tina is very helpful and keeps you updated throughout the process. I would highly recommend her.

Employer Engagement Executive – Apprenticeship Sales – July 2018 National Training Provider     Tina is absolutely fantastic.
She helped myself get the the Partnership Engagement Executive job role at Intraining. Tina is exceptionally professional and thorough with the whole recruitment process which made everything go smoothly and ended with myself getting the job. She offers great support, coaching and guidance. I couldn’t ask for a better Specialist Recruiter.  Thank for all your help Tina.

Director – Baltic Technology Consulting – February 2018     Tina is, without a doubt, the most experienced and knowledgeable recruiter I have ever met. Tina helped me get my new job and she has been meticulous from the very start. Her consultative approach is second to none, keeping both candidate and client interest first. Tina undoubtedly is the best recruiter and I would always highly recommend her to any clients and candidates alike. 5 *****

Digital Marketing / Social Media Trainer Assessor April 2018  National Training Provider  Tina is exceptional within her area of expertise, she’s very responsive, well connected and knows how to build bridges between candidates and employers.   Tina truly matches your career goals with employers that have your interests at heart, all this while guiding you beyond the signing of the contract.

Software Development Trainer Assessor April 2018  National Training Provider    Tina has been fantastic at helping me find my dream job. She has gone above and beyond through out the whole process, travelling to meet me for my convenience and has been very supportive. Tina has kept in touch through out to check how I’ve got on and guided me through any questions or concerns I’ve had. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for help finding a new job.

Technical IT Trainer North West – February 2018  National Training Provider   Throughout life you may meet people who break the mould, special people, gifted, naturally talented people who believe in you!, who want the best for you! and who’s dedication, drive and experience is there for all to see. Tina against the odds helped me land my dream job. When my confidence was low she was there to lift me up when nerves set in she was there to calm me down. I honestly cannot thank this amazing woman enough for everything she has done for me. I would recommend Tina Lacey Recruitment not only to employers to find the perfect fit for your business but to job seekers also!    Thanks again T!

Management Assessor Tutor Midlands – January 2018   Hi Tina Thank you for your expertise in recruiting within this sector you were very easy to talk to and patient when listening to both mine and the new employer requirements. You have a great knowledge of the roles within the Training and education sector and your communication throughout my change was second to none. I will certainly recommend you to anyone that I know that is looking to change roles within this sector and let them know of the professional and personal service that you gave to me in the help of finding my new role as a Tutor/Assessor.

Employer Partnership Consultant – Apprenticeships January 2018     The whole recruitment process with Tina has been fantastic ! She delivers a brilliant service for both candidate and client . Throughout the entire recruitment process Tina was supportive. She kept me informed through every step and has been a pleasure to work with! I just want to say a big thank you !

Employer Partnership Executive – Apprenticeships January 2018   Tina called me about a role at Intraining that fit my profile amazingly well. Having a passion for working with young people, the education sector and IT; a home based role which is mainly pure sales visits is a dream come true for me. Tina was in touch throughout the interview process, sent me paperwork in a timely manner and genuinely showed an interest in making sure the placement was for me, and that I had everything I needed. I would recommend Tina to anyone looking for a niche role and she will certainly want to make sure you are put infront of the right company.

Operations Manager – Training Provider – Wales December 2017   Tina has been the recruiter managing a position I have recently secured. Throughout the process Tina has been thoroughly professional, supportive and engaged in the whole journey. I would highly recommend Tina.

Customer Relations Co-Ordinator – IT Training Provider November 2017   Tina has been amazing from the very start ! I wish google could give 10 stars because she certainly deserves more ! She has been a delight to work with, friendly, encouraging & must say that she is AMAZING at her job !

I initially saw the post of a Customer Relations Coordinator advertised by Tina & called her for further information. From that initial contact Tina has gone and above & beyond . . . Explained the job role & discussed how I would be suited for the position & how I could use all my skills to make my application a success to get an interview. I called her on the Friday, completed relevant paperwork over the weekend. Tina gave me a lot of food for thought, as in research, interview techniques etc etc & coached me through the next step of the interview process (of which I certainly credit her for getting me), had the date for my interview on the Monday & an interview on the Wednesday & 2 hours later the job offer was mine ! The whole process has been speedy & professional but with Tina’s personality & friendly approach it has been enjoyable above all ! I cannot thank her enough for everything she has done . . . She has been a super star ! 😁

Food and Drink Manufacturing Training Officer November 2017   I’m just writing to thank you for everything you have done in helping me to find a new job.  Tina, you have been fantastic from day one and the way you have supported me through it all has been brilliant. You answered all my questions quickly and always got in touch before any interviews with motivational texts.   Thank you again Tina, I would recommend you to anyone looking for work.      Gareth

Employer Partnership Consultant October 2017    Wow, what a service Tina produced for me. To say she went above and beyond to help me get a job i felt slightly under qualified for would be an understatement. Would recommend Tina and her organisation every single time  – Aaron

Functional Skills Tutor August 2017   I applied for a job at Lifetime training and Tina Lacey recruitment was superb on my journey into my new job.   She was always there and always co-operative with any enquiry I had. I can’t thank them enough for helping me change my career.  Stephen F

Skills for Life Tutor North West June 2017   Working with Tina has been an absolute pleasure from the very start. After sending Tina my details, we spoke over the phone and met the following day in a local coffee house. Tina instantly made me feel at ease and was confident that I would be suited to a particular role within a company she has worked with for a long time. Tina’s recruitment experience is evidenced in these situations as she is welcoming, and more than knowledgeable about the companies she recruits for. Luckily, Tina was right, and I was fortunate enough to be offered the position I applied for. Tina was very positive and supportive throughout the whole process, which was exactly what I needed when working with a recruiter for the first time. Thank you so much, Tina! Paige ***** 5 stars review on Google

IQA April 2017   “Tina is a pleasure to deal with. Her quick response to email enquiries or information means that we can both benefit from decisions from third parties. I first worked with Tina a year ago and the shared contacts we have means that we can support and advise colleagues and potential partners in driving the work based learning environment to achieve targets and objectives. I look forward to working with Tina much more in the future as the world of WBL changes and refocuses its agenda.”  Janet Butler April 2017

Team Leading and Management Assessor Trainer April 2017   Tina is excellent at what she does. She removes the ‘things’ that get in the way whilst you are on your journey to a new career. How do I know? She did exactly that for me in my recent search for a new job.  From the first chat over a coffee to the final congratulatory ‘well done!’ Tina is supportive and attentive throughout. You could not wish for more. Her attention to detail and ability to make you feel special transfer a level of confidence which supports you throughout the whole recruitment process. Not only did Tina help me find a new job and but in her I also feel I have found a new friend.   Thank you Tina your support has been amazing.  Mark Brooks

GCSE Online English Tutor – National Training Provider – January 2017     First Class Service!

I would thoroughly recommend the services of Tina Lacey! Tina provided me with a personalised, friendly but absolutely professional service from start to finish. Tina was there every step of the way offering help, support and guidance-matching me to my absolute dream job! Thank you Tina

North West Team Leading and Management Assessor Trainer – Regional Training Provider – December 2016   “Reading a perfectly written Job advertisement I applied and was contacted by Tina. Immediately the service that Tina delivered was brilliant. Her passion for finding the right person for the right vacancy is second to none. I was delighted from the first contact with Tina until I was successful in changing career”

GCSE Online Maths Tutor – National Training Provider – December 2016    Big Thanks for all your support and guidance overt the past few months.  I am over the moon with my new role at Lifetime !

Functional Skills Tutor Newton Aycliffe, North East –  National Award Winning IT Training Provider September 2016   After being told in May I was losing my job due to redundancy I started to apply for jobs. After several unsuccessful weeks applying for jobs with no reply, I did get a response.

This was Tina Lacey and she had responded to an application and explained what she did and how she may be able to help me look for a permanent contract.  I then felt as if I had someone in my corner and if there was something she thought I was capable of, which she felt matched my qualifications, near to my home she would let me know. She gave me a broader spectrum of job ideas rather than just concentrating on a carbon copy of what I had done before.  With her help I have now secured a new, challenging position in a training company, close to my home with a good salary. It took a few calls but her positive attitude kept me confident and she never gave up.

I have been happy to recommend her to colleagues, one of which has already found a new position with her help.

Digital Marketing and Social Media Trainer Assessor – London Outstanding Training Provider August 2016    “Tina is an exceptional recruiter, she is personable, professional and friendly and kept in touch with me each step of the way of my recruitment journey. Would highly recommend to job seekers and recruiters alike”

Customer Service , Business Admin/Team Leading Assessor Cardiff August 2016  “I would like to recommend Tina Lacey Recruitment, as the go to recruiter for those in the training / work based learning sectors. Her professionalism in her dealings with me and my new employer went far beyond my expectations. Her skill in this area allowed me to be matched with an excellent employer, couple this with amazing advice and guidance through the interview process, and withing an 8 week period I am looking forward to starting an exciting new career. Thank you Tina”

Executive Director of Baltic Training Services and New Horizons London – July 2016  “I’ve been working with Tina for the last 4 years. What can I say? Tina is hands down THE best recruiter I have ever worked with.

She is 100% trustworthy and genuinely cares about doing the very best job she can for all her clients, nothing is too much trouble, last minute changes, urgent vacancies, even positions in the highlands of Scotland, Tina loves a challenge, always finds us the very best calibre of people and is a pleasure to work with.”

Construction Assessor – North West Construction Training Provider  –   Manchester   May 2016  “Excellent week at work, helping out with all the team, should have a caseload by the end of the week.  This place is so busy,  Just what I wanted.  I much appreciate your assistance in finding me this role, one massive Thank you ! Keep up the good work ! Cheers Russell”

Work Experience Officer –  Award Winning Training Provider – Lancashire  May 2016  “I was approached by Tina within a couple of hours of making an application to a vacancy and was keen to know more about me right from the word go. She also made it very clear what her role was with regards to the application process, put me at ease and felt I could trust her straight away. Over the whole employment process, Tina was a fantastic person to work with and felt supported from the interview process, right through to gaining employment (in which she is still in contact now). Although Tina’s role is a recruiter for my new training provider, I felt that she was also a mentor and could go to her for the sometimes needed informal chat. Tina has been fabulous to work with and would recommend her highly!”

Thank you for a brilliant experience Tina! I am now very much looking forward to starting thanks to you and all your fabulous support!

Sales and Marketing Director – National Events Company – March 2016   “Tina is the best recruiter I have had the experience of working with in over 20 years in my career.

She genuinely cares. This alone puts her head and shoulders above the crowd, but she’s not just someone that cares about her clients and candidates, but who works tirelessly to fill vacancies with only the right people. I wish all consultants were like Tina but that is sadly not the case”.

Director of One Degree Difference, Bespoke Training – Birmingham – March 2016   “Tina really knows how to put employers and candidates together, she is 100% positive in everything she does and helps the people she works with achieve their goals. Tina is available to her customers when they need her and will move mountains to get the job done. I cant recommend Tina highly enough, she is amazing – go speak to her!”

Online GCSE Maths Tutor – March 2016 – National Apprenticeships Training Provider    “Thank you to Tina for helping me secure a job as an online GCSE tutor. Her help and guidance were second to none. Tina was friendly, helpful and approachable, as well as being extremely professional. Her enthusiasm and encouragement made the whole process much less stressful.”

Technical Sales Manager – Feb 2016  “Tina has a fantastic approach from the 1st time you speak. She is warm, welcoming and 100% reliable. She does not overload you with information.  Tina goes the extra mile by taking time to call you throughout your interview process and wish you the best of luck. It would be a pleasure to recommend Tina to anyone looking to start a new career or indeed any company looking to hire the right people”.

Youth Centre Manager – Cardiff July 2015  “Thank you for all the help that you have given me as it has made the whole process very smooth and easy. You have a great talent at what you do and and am sure that there many people who share the same view”.

Quality and Compliance Manager – Award Winning IT Training Provider   “We have been working closely with Tina to support our growing staffing needs across numerous roles and sectors. Tina has actively engaged with our management team to identify and secure talented and skilled professionals who have not only reached but often exceeded our expectations. I have been particularly impressed by the flexibility and professionalism demonstrated by Tina to enable us to work with such high levels of synergy. We look forward to continuing this successful collaboration between ourselves and Tina for all our future recruitment needs”.

Chief Operating Officer and Director of Institute of Employability Professionals 2015 “Having worked closely with Tina for several years I can say with confidence that she is an exceptional colleague. Not alone is she an excellent recruiter and employability professional, but she is an amazing organiser who pays particular attention to detail. Tina demonstrated her range of skills when she took control of promotion and registration activities before and during the recent launch of the IEP’s North West Group at Manchester Cathedral on the 14th April 2015. Tina delivered what she promised and more. Tina is a fantastic colleague and if you need something done, she will get it done”

Many of the candidate and clients reviews/recommendations you see here can be seen on my linkedin profile